“Love for Teachers” Tributes From Sofia Center Supporters

Educators as Artists: Reframing Teaching as an Art Form and Education as an Art
February 13, 2019
Bosque School Service Learning Coordinator Anna Rutins stands in front of a backdrop of Cottonwood trees holding a sign that reads, "I will dare greatly by choosing courage over comfort and modeling that for students."
Sofia Center Challenges Bosque School Faculty & Staff to ‘Dare Greatly’ During Orientation Week
August 26, 2019

“Love for Teachers” Tributes From Sofia Center Supporters

“I am grateful to my high school English teacher Ms. Garcia for believing in me as a writer and a person whose voice mattered.” -Sofia Center Supporter

“I would like to donate in honor of Sky Jenkins, Bosque School’s 6th grade Social Studies teacher. Thank you Ms. Jenkins for being such an inspiration to me and a wonderful teacher to my daughter.” -Suzie

This is a picture of Lynn Trojahn, Sofia Center supporter, holding up a #loveforteachers sign which says, "Thanks Mrs. Perry! 3rd Grade set the tone! Life-long Learner."
Lynn Trojahn

“I’m grateful for my third grade teacher, Mrs. Perry, who always encouraged me and told me I was smart! I believed her and it made a difference throughout my education and in life!” -Lynn Trojahn

“I’m thankful for my grade school Spanish teacher, Sister Louise. She taught me not just Spanish, but how to take responsibility for my actions, to have a joyful spirit and the meaningfulness of giving.” -Mary Hobbs

“I give to the Sofia Center in honor of teachers past and present who have opened up the world – to me and my children – in all its wonder and complexity: Ms. Dillon & Zia Elementary, St. John’s Preschool Plus, Mrs. Baccadutre, Dr. Strait & Dr. Stratford. A lifetime of gratitude to you each.” – Sarah Camp

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